weekend: crossfit and relaxing

cheese and charcuterie at public house . . . the pup that kept me company all weekend . . . sunday afternoon reading outside . . . crab ravioli at fratellis
a little inspiration for the coming week:

for those with larger chests, you will appreciate this

date nights when you have kids

where the olympic athletes slept

a $10 baby shower

loving all these "hello world" videos

a beautiful new-to-me tumblr
The Hubs left on Thursday night for a bachelor party so the pup and I were home by ourselves all weekend. Friday night, I had an impromptu date night with my coworker, Jen, for happy hour and dinner at Public House.

Saturday morning, I went to my free trial CrossFit class. Remember when I had talked about doing it? Well the night before I posted that, I hurt my back so I started going to the chiropractor and he didn't give me the okay to start until now. Although I can barely walk today, I am excited to start my beginner's class tomorrow. It was seriously the best workout of my life. 

After that, I went to lunch with my SIL and her boyfriend and we walked around the mall for a bit. Saturday night, I went to dinner with the in-laws, the Hubs' grandfather, my SIL and her boyfriend. 

Today, I did a bit of grocery shopping, watched a little Olympics, and did some cooking prep for the week. The Hubs got home this afternoon and was pretty tired. Tonight for dinner, we went to Fratelli's with his sister and boyfriend since they are staying in town until tomorrow evening. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Damn girl, you were seriously productive! Serious high fives on the crossfit class. I'm debating between that and spinning but the shear weightlifting makes me not want to do it.

  2. I would love to take a cross fit class. The tray of food in your first picture looks so yummy!!! Erica

  3. that $10 baby shower is so cool. Good luck on crossfit - do you think you'll keep with it?

    1. i just started my "on-ramp" (beginners) class today. i really do enjoy it! i hope i keep with it.



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