the art of shaving

At first, I thought this post would be kind of random for my blog. But then I remembered one of my earlier posts about waxing. And really, I can post about whatever is on my mind right?

So, after being at my job for over a year, my coworkers have started to notice that I am very regimented in my office attire. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are for wearing skirts or dresses. Tuesdays and Thursdays are for wearing pants. The first reason for this is that I have more skirts and dresses than I have pants. The second reason is because I hate shaving every day. 

I am one of those people with fast growing hair so, if I want to show off the gambs, I need to shave that day. And I like to give my legs a break so they don't dry out or get razor burn. And I just hate doing it every day.

Luckily, this also seems to work out with my exercise routine. Tuesdays and Thursdays are for Pilates so I can get away with wearing leggings or spandex.

In the winter, I can go even longer because I am usually wearing my skirts and dresses with tights. This doesn't go on forever, though, because I don't want the people at the gym to judge me. And if you know me, you know that I don't get embarrassed easily - unless I am being judged on my hygiene and then I am mortified. 

Shaving in the winter can also be caused by the husband effect. This is basically when the Hubs brushes up against my leg and says things like, "Wow, you are really going for a world record there." Or, "Your hair is getting pretty long." Or, the more blunt, "When are you going to shave?"

And I am all like, "Bitch, please!" 

And then I go and shave the next day because we all know the Hubs wouldn't risk making comments like that unless it was a very serious situation. 

Do you have weird habits like this? 

Also, while doing some "research," I found out that American women started shaving around 1915 as dresses became sleeveless and hemlines rose.

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  1. Shaving is one thing that makes me really thankful I'm blonde. I can get by with shaving twice a week because my leg hairs are translucent and thin. During the winter I'll go much longer. One winter in college I didn't shave my legs at all between Thanksgiving and Valentine's day.

  2. I was curious as to when women started shaving their legs and arm pits. Now I know! LOL! I am fortunately one of the lucky ones whose hair grows at a slow rate and grows in fine/thin. Thank goodness! I only shave my legs about 2 times (occasionally 3) during the summer.

  3. first of all, tashia and jessica, should i ever meet you, i might punch you..... not really (no, but really....)

    i would maybe do something so drastic as give up wine or cheese to only shave twice in a summer; okay, not really, but that hyperbole is only slight.

    the worst is if i have been not entirely vigilant on the shaving front, but then wear a skirt anyway and then in the florescent lights of my office, realize my mistake. sigh. thank god for hiding under my cubicle!


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