a eulogy for my boots

I remember when I first saw you across the store. Your beautiful brown color shone in the BR light. Although I was jetlagged and suffering from reverse culture shock, I knew you were the one. You were the boots I had been searching for over the past few months.

We went many places together, you and I. You were my go-to friend. I knew I could always rely on you when in a bind; when not quite knowing where to turn. You became someone who shielded me from the cold in the fall, the winter and early spring. You were always there to weather the elements with me. And, unfortunately, this would be your downfall.

And, oh man, we were together about three to four times a week. I would have worn you every day but I didn't want people to think I was crazy. Well, maybe I was a little crazy - crazy in love.

I will think of you from time to time. And these new boots are not your replacement - nothing could replace you. You will be the boots by which all others are compared. You will be truly missed.
The Hubs and I have been back from McLean since Friday night but I couldn't seem to put my new boots away because that would mean making space in my closet. And that would mean getting rid of my old boots. (You can read about what happened to them here.)

Listen, I am not attached to all of my shoes like this. I had two pairs of pumps that were in bad shape so as soon as I got two new black pairs to replace them, I chucked them. No problem!

But these are different. I realized I wanted a pair of riding style boots as soon as it got a little chilly while I was living in France. I had a pair of slouchy, suede boots that I loved (and that traveled with me all through Europe) but they seem much less sophisticated that all the boots the French girls were wearing. And those beautiful riding boots were everywhere. And so I searched for a pair that fit my college-student budget. I came across a few but they weren't the best quality so I decided, when I came home, I would look for a pair during the after-Christmas sales.

I went to the mall with my grandmother and as soon as I spotted these in Banana Republic, I knew I had to have them. Even better was the fact that they were $300 boots now selling for $60.

It is weird because it isn't like I bought them in France or that I traveled around Europe in them. They just give me a sense of nostalgia - of that time when I was so sad to leave France, the time when I was speaking French to sales associates (and family) that thought I was crazy. Wearing them gave me that French girl feel I had been searching for while living abroad. Who knows? Maybe they gave me that je ne sais quoi.

Anyways, the above boots are the "replacement" boots I got at the Nordstrom anniversary sale. I really love them. They are a bit distressed but still nice enough for work. And, just because, below are another pair that I picked up while I was there. I had been searching for a pair of suede taupe short boots since the spring so I am glad I came across these. I love that the toe is extra distressed lending them a vintage look. I wish I could wear them now but it is way too hot and humid here.
Are there items you get attached to like this?


  1. Completely understand! I have an old cashmere sweater that no matter how hard I try, I just can't bring myself to let go of.



  2. my current riding boots are still in good shape, but i am already getting a bit anxious for when they start to fade and wear.......


  3. You aren't alone on this AT ALL. I almost cried when a buckle fell off my favorite tweed flats because they were one of my first adult work shoes. My riding boots will probably be pitched this winter, the lining is almost completely out of them but I've had this since college and love the memories attached with them!

  4. Two years ago I bought a pair of leopard print flats at Target for $7 and finally threw them away this past weekend when the back of the left flat literally split open. It made for an awkward waddle home but I miss them dearly. They went with everything and were beyond comfortable. I'm still hunting for a replacement pair.

  5. I feel this way towards the purses I receive from beloved female relatives such as grandma and mom-in-law


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