weekend: st. michaels with tanya

my outfit for dinner and a movie friday night . . . tanya with the flower girl, natalie . . . the parsonage inn, the bed and breakfast where we stayed . . . inside coco and company, the coolest furniture and housewares . . down by the water . . . a pretty trolley . . . an afternoon sanpellegrino
a little inspiration for the coming week:

i want my boy nursery to have a nautical theme and i want my girl nursery to look like this

beautiful guest house in france
Friday, the Hubs and I had the date we were supposed to have on Tuesday night before the Fourth that was delayed because I was sick all week. We saw Ted. I liked it; I thought it was funny but not hilarious. I also wore my Fourth of July outfit that was pretty much wasted on Wednesday with me laying on my in-laws couch. 

Saturday, I left for St. Michaels to see Tanya and her family. For lunch, I went with Tanya, her aunt, uncle, and her cousin's daughter, Natalie, to the Crab Claw and had a wonderful shrimp salad. Then we went back to our suite that we shared with them since it was so hot out. The reason for going to St. Michaels was for Tanya and I to help babysit her cousin's daughter who was the flower girl in a wedding. Since her cousin, her cousin's husband, her cousin's parents, and her cousin's in-laws were all in the wedding or invited to the wedding, we helped get Natalie to the wedding and then take her home after the ceremony. It was nice because we got to watch the ceremony (since the groom's family is British, all the bridesmaids and flower girls wore fascinators) and have a look at the reception (it was very preppy with navy, pink, and nautical accents - perfect.) After Natalie went to sleep, Tanya and I hung out, watched television, and did our nails. It was nice to just have some time to hang out since now we almost are always seeing each other for an occasion or in a rush. 

Today, we had breakfast at the Inn and then ventured out to have a look at the shops. I bought a really cool scarf at the Chesapeake Trading Company. It has blue, green, red and mustard yellow with polka dots. It will be a perfect lightweight scarf for fall. And I lusted after everything at Coco and Company. I saw a lot of things that would go perfectly in my living room. After walking around in the this horrible heat, Tanya and I decided we needed some water so we found ourselves at the Big Pickle where we had awesome, spicy bloody mary's and the BEST fried pickles. (It is kind of funny we end up eating there since Tanya always used to bring pickles for lunch in elementary school and we would always share them. It was a huge deal when one of us had them for lunch.) After that, we both headed home. I have pretty much been lounging around the house since I got back.

How was your weekend?


  1. I felt the same way about Ted, it was funny but not hilarious (my husband disagrees.) I love St. Michael's, I haven't been over in ages but the Crab Claw is an old favorite! :D

  2. It looks like you had a great time! xoxo


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