weekend: pedicures and crafting

the view from green hill friday night . . . my dinner from fratelli's saturday night . . . peyton's afternoon nap . . . the drink flags I helped a friend make for her sister's baby shower
a little inspiration for the coming week:

stripes please

found my future diaper bag

parisian rooftops

the provencal market
Friday night, we went out with the Hubs' family to Green Hill since his aunt was in town. Saturday morning, I wasn't feeling well so I laid in bed, watched I Love Lucy, and did some blog reading while the Hubs was at work. My SIL got into town after lunch so we went to get a pedicure since the weather wasn't great. For dinner, we went to Fratelli's with the Hubs family. Today, I helped a friend do a few crafts for the baby shower she is throwing for her sister. Now I am just hanging out with the pup since the Hubs left for Kansas City this morning. It was good to have a nice relaxing weekend at home. 

How was your weekend?


  1. That shrimp dish looks delicious! and crafts with friends/family are always fun. Sounds like a great weekend.

  2. so glad I'm not the only creeper who takes pictures of her dog sleeping :)


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