weekend: a beachy kid time

at assateague . . . running from the waves . . . we found horses . . . outside, last night, after bocce
My aunt and cousins came to visit this weekend. The Hubs and I spent Friday evening running around the grocery store and Sam's Club finding food for the kids. Then my aunt and cousins, Davey and Melissa, got into town late Friday night. 

Saturday, the Hubs went to work since he has class this week and my aunt, cousins, and I went to Assateague. We played in the water, took a walk on the beach, and found some horses on our way out. Then we head to Ocean City for lunch at the Dough Roller and Putt Putt. Melissa is only two so she didn't quite understand how to hit the ball with the putter but she understood that you were supposed to get the ball in the hole so, worse case scenario, she would put the ball near the hole and knock it in. After that, we headed home to shower and make dinner. After dinner, the Hubs and Davey played bocce and Melissa moved their balls around. 

This morning, after breakfast, my aunt and cousins headed back home and the Hubs headed to Virginia for his class for the week. I am exhausted today. Entertaining two kids all weekend is tiring! I went outside to read my magazine earlier and fell asleep for an hour. 

I am excited that, this week, I only have a three-day work week! Wednesday night, I am heading across the bridge with the Hubs' parents for his graduation. No more leaving every two months for a week for this class!

How was your weekend?

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  1. sounds so fun! i have not played putt-putt in years.....



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