weekend: alissa visits

our jewish dinner on friday night . . . peach sangria (recipe adapted from here) . . . our caprese salad at public house . . . alissa's first eastern shore martini at market street . . . with alissa
a little inspiration for the coming week:

anchors aweigh

house with a view

pretty wedding ring

beautiful dresses
Friday, Alissa headed across the bridge. We had an easy night in, complete with Jewish dinner and peach sangria on the patio. 

Saturday, we went to a local diner for breakfast and then headed out to Green Hill for lunch and the pool. We were lucky considering it was supposed to be really hot outside. The Wicomico River provided a nice breeze the entire time we were there. Then we headed home, took naps, and headed to the Public House for dinner. We tried an awesome new port and shared a cool take on the caprese salad and cheese fondue. Then we met the Hubs at Market Street, had dessert, and listened to Alex & Shiloh.  When we got home, I made the obligatory mac and cheese (from scratch) that we used to make after a night out in college. 

This morning, we used our leftover challah bread for french toast and then Alissa headed home. Since it was too hot to be outside, I spent today cleaning the house and reading. Then the Hubs and I watched 21 Jump Street. Now I am just deciding on whether or not I want to stay up to watch The Newsroom or On Demand it later this week.

How was your weekend?


  1. this sounds like such a fun weekend! very jealous. i miss you ladies dearly. i have not seen either of you in ages! bah, the mason dixon divide.

    definitely got some challah bread at the farmer's market yesterday, plan to make some nutella french toast with it tomorrow (taking a vacation day). woo!



    1. we made french toast on sunday. we thought about nutella but with all the food we ate this weekend we weren't sure if we could take it.


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