my fall wish list

I think most people wait a little bit until they start to get excited for fall but, since fall is my favorite season, I start early. Planning for fall style usually begins around this time because this is also when the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is which I shop every year. Last year, I only found a pair of nude pumps which I love but I am hoping I am a bit more successful this year.

I am actually taking tomorrow and Friday off from work (and the blog) because the Hubs is graduating from a course he has been taking. He has left for a week every two months for the past year (with projects and homework in between) and it is basically like receiving the equivalent of a master's in his field. Thursday night is a reception and on Friday there is a luncheon and graduation so the Hubs' parents and I are headed over to Tyson's tonight. Tomorrow morning, while the Hubs is in class, the three of us are going to Nordstrom in Tyson's to shop. Yay!

This year's fall wish list is basically about replenishing staples. Here are a few items I hope to snag:
1. I am really in need of a functional but stylish casual jacket. I love the look of the military and utility jackets and I would love to get one in olive green like this here
2. During the fall, my job requires me to travel to high schools to meet with student. I visit about four to five a day so I am constantly in and out of the car and lugging around bags of information. I need a few more pairs of good quality flats that will hold up from the wear and tear but also make me look professional as well. I love these fun flats.
3. Back in 2007, a few days after Christmas I scored a $300 pair of riding boots on sale at Banana Republic for $60. They were brown equestrian style boots and I have worn them to death every fall and winter over the past few years. I loved them so much I was going to get them resoled but while across the bridge at a college fair at the end of the winter, I wore them in the rain not knowing they had recently had snow. Since they had recently has snow, there had recently been salt on the ground. The rain put the salt on my boots and they ruined the leather and it can't be fixed. So I am on the search for another tall pair of brown boots like these since I am not sure if I can get through a season without them.
4. A lot of my jeans are pretty worn and I don't own a pair that are a really dark wash. I really need a pair that can be dressed up like these.
5. My current fall/winter purse is black and it is really pretty but with only one snap button all my stuff falls out all the time. I even thought I had lost my Mason Pearson brush (for weeks) that I have had since middle school but, really, my bag had just allowed it to jump out and go under my car seat. I am thinking a cross body bag like this one would be good so it is still easy to carry when I am doing high school visits or lugging things into a college fair. I probably will stay away from brown or tan since that is what my camera bag is and I would love to go with an unexpected color. 
6. I love that Target has $8 black leggings and they serve their purpose - for about two months, considering they are part of my every weekend uniform. I have always had trouble shelling out money for a pair of leggings but, considering how much I wear them, I think it is time. I like these because they can be dressy but can also be a new item for weekend comfiness. 

What is on your fall wish list? Are you looking for the basics or for a few trendy items?


  1. Ohh I went to the Nordstrom sale over the weekend and picked up many similar items, a pair of leopard flats, short boots, two cardigans and a polka dot blouse for work. Happy hunting and congrats to your husband!

  2. Do you want what kind of shirts are going to be in this fall? I also went to Nordstrom's this weekend but all I have found there (and in many other stores)those see through shirts that you have to wear bandeaus under and our dress code is changing at school so I am not exactly sure if we can wear them. Congrats to your husband!


  3. i (always) yearn for a pair of frye boots.....


  4. I looooove that purple bag. Perfect for fall!

  5. I'm definitely ready for fall to be here! I'm so ready to trade out my sandals for some boots!

  6. I'm looking forward to fall too! I think it's my favorite season to dress for. Great picks, love the leopard loafers!


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