going paleo

I have noticed recently how I feel after eating bread, pasta, and other white carbs. I am sluggish and nauseous and sometimes just sick. Actually, when I got sick during Fourth of July, I think it was from overloading on bread and potato products.

After reading about Paleo from Megan, Sarah, and Jenna, I have decided to give it a try. I started last Monday and although there were a few cheats while on my mini vacation last week, I have pretty much stuck to it. I ordered omelets without cheese and have passed on the bread basket. And I feel better and more energetic. Yesterday, I decided to cheat big and get a sub (with breaded chicken) for lunch. Even after sleeping in, I found myself in a two hour coma afterwards. 

Although the Hubs just thinks this is one of those things I am going to try and then give up, I have never felt so good right away. I really don't feel like I am giving up anything because I always feel satisfied after a meal. Plus, it is something the Hubs can get on board with since he isn't a huge bread, pasta, and cheese person (unless it is pizza and subs.)

Have you ever tried Paleo? What resources have you found useful?

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  1. I legit feel HUNG OVER the next day after eating pasta. So we just stopped eating it. I don't know if I'll go 100% paleo because I hate this whole "rules" thing, I think you should just eat what you want as long as it doesn't make you sick. Like brown rice doesn't bother me and I rarely eat it, so I'm not going to cut it out.

    1. i agree! i haven't fully cut out cheese (i have been having a slice on my burgers) but I don't smother cheese over everything either.

  2. Love this! Love that you've tried paleo.

  3. Oh I'm so glad you're trying it! You're going to love it even more as you go!

  4. i think i would die without cheese..... be brave!



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