francophile friday: how to visit a bakery

I am absolutely smitten by this video by Olive Us on how to visit a French bakery. Olive Us is a collection of videos on Vimeo with Gabrielle Blair's (Design Mom) family.

My favorite part is step two when it talks about saying bonjour. When the Hubs came to visit me while I was living in Bordeaux, he asked me why everyone would "sing" bonjour when we went into shops. It made me giggle. 

So go ahead and have a look! Isn't it adorable?

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  1. LOVE THIS !!!!! my beautiful sister (of suits and skirts fame) went to our local french bakery yesterday and brought home some baguette and an eclair. knowing her, she said "BoNjOuR" in a perfect sing-song voice ....


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