advice on crossfit?

I am going to a free trial class at my local CrossFit gym today after work. (Actually, the cool CrossFit kids call a gym a box but I digress.) I am so nervous. I really only started working out regularly after college and I certainly was never an athlete. Since CrossFit seems so hardcore, I may chicken out. But that is really why I am writing this - so I don't chicken out. 

I am the heaviest I have ever been and, worse than that, I feel sluggish and tired. I want that energy back and I don't want clothes shopping to be an awful experience like it has been the for the last year. Honestly, I just need someone to kick my butt. If I like the trial today, I plan to take the beginners "on-ramp" courses so that I can start with the actual classes. And then I will alternate between those and Pilates. 

Has anyone done CrossFit? What should I expect? Any advice?

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  1. i am also the heaviest i have been in years (a bit depressing, as i was the lightest i have ever been in years a year ago.... sigh. thank you work travel and milkshake-bearing boyfriend).

    there is a crossfit training center near my apartment that i have been dying to try, but also a bit afraid. i do lots of cardio at the gym, but, "they" (people wise or maybe just loud and obnoxious) always say you should be changing it up. definitely incorporating some weight training into the work out helps drop the pounds and crossfit may be a motivating way to do it.

    keep us posted, i am curious to hear how it goes! be strong and don't chicken out!


  2. I hear you on the heavy front, I work out 5 days a week and am still at my heaviest...hooray for 30! Anyway, I think every Crossfit location is slightly different. I know a couple people here who say our neighborhood location is incredibly tough and yet my cousin's location is a bunch of working moms who want to get back in shape. My cousin has been going for 6 months and looks absolutely amazing, she's below her high school after three kids.

    Definitely let us know how it goes! I'm curious to try it but am currently obsessed with my spin studio.

  3. I've never done crossfit, but Danielle from Breakfast at Toast talks about it a lot...maybe that will help? http://www.breakfastattoast.com

  4. best thing you will ever do for yourself in so many ways. hope you went :)

  5. Anything is better than nothing. I started eating Paleo after reading about it on Megan's blog (Freckled Italian) and along with running, it's the best I ever felt. If I had Crossfit near me I would love to sign up, please tel us how it went!

  6. I've been doing Crossfit for 7 months. I'm in the best shape of my life and I was my heaviest when I started (only a 20 pound difference, but my whole body is reshaped). If you didn't go, you should. You'll probably hate it for the first while, then become addicted to it. Good luck!


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