weekend: west oc

smith island cake . . . lobster mac an cheese at sunset grille in west ocean city . . . the hubs and i on the boardwalk . . . my grandfather and kim with their fisher's pop corn
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Friday, the Hubs and I ran some errands and went to bed early, tired from a long week. 

Saturday, we woke up, grabbed breakfast and then my grandfather and ex-stepmom (explained here) came over. The Hubs had to be at work all day since he was gone all last week for work and will be gone most of this week, so the three of us headed to the west ocean city outlets after lunch to do a bit of shopping. After that, we stopped at the Original Smith Island Cake Company to split a piece of cake since my grandfather and Kim had never had it. (It is Maryland's official dessert, if you didn't know.) Then we headed back to Salisbury to rest a bit and get ready for dinner. When the Hubs came home, we drove to Sunset Grille in West Ocean City. I had always heard great things about the restaurant but I was still surprised at how great the food was! Every single one of our dishes was good. I had the lobster mac and cheese and it blew my mind! (And that is coming from a mac and cheese connoisseur.) After that, we walked the boardwalk so my grandfather could get his Dumser's ice cream and Kim could get some Fisher's pop corn. 

This morning, I made breakfast for everyone and then they headed across the bridge early to beat the beach traffic. I spent most of the day resting and doing some laundry. 

How was your weekend?


  1. I am embarrassed to admit how much time I just spent on the Smith Island Cake Co website -- THEY DELIVER.

    1. haha i know. my grandfather liked it so much the lady made sure to let me know they deliver to pa. however, i would suggest going with classic cakes in salisbury - i think their smith island cake is better and i believe they ship.


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