sponsor post: lax to yvr

Remember, the giveaway from here? Well, I want you to help me welcome LAX to YVR as one of our blog sponsors. This Etsy shop has a lovely selection of burlap wall decor. Here are a few of my favorites:
1. Letter B: I think this would look so cute in our home since our last name starts with a B. Or maybe I need one of each letter of our last name.
2. Ampersand: I seriously think that the ampersand is one of the prettiest symbols in typography. Plus, the word "and" always means that more is coming. I think it may be one of the most adventurous conjunctions. 
3. I'M OK: This is such a pretty way to remind yourself to breath and carry on. 
4. Whale Silhouette: You know that I love anything nautical and I am just smitten with this piece. I want to decorate my first child's nursery with a nautical theme and this would be perfect for it. 

What is your favorite item?

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