monday giveaway: absolutely kismet

Today's giveaway is from the Etsy shop, Absolutely Kismet, a shop that has unique wine charms and jewelry.

Kirsten, the shop owner, says, "I started Absolutely Kismet two years ago and have been delighted to see how my shop and style have evolved in that time! I started with more of a focus on beaded jewelry, and while I still make some for family and myself, I've really had fun expanding my wine glass charm collection. This summer in particular I'm hoping to come out with three additional 'lines.'

One of my main inspirations has been when I've been creating a special set of charms for someone. I put myself in her shoes and think about how they'll be used and any other factors that may be important. For example, my mom wouldn't use wine charms on a daily or even weekly basis, but she does like to entertain, so for her, I made a set of 18 different colored rings with a different "random" charm on each so her guests could choose something they connected with. 

Conversely, my newest line of magnetic clasp wine charms came about as I created a set for a friend who has some arthritis in her hands. I didn't want her to have to bother with the small clasps on regular charms. That then made me think, 'Hey, maybe other people would appreciate this as well!' And suddenly, I have a whole new direction to explore."

Kirsten is giving away wine charms from her Bow Tie Collection. Kirsten came up with the collection while brainstorming for something that would be fun and noticeable on a glass but for those that don't like the look of the wine charms that hang down. These charms give the glass a classic, adorable look. Kirsten remarked, "Who wouldn't like their glass to be as sophisticated-looking and dressed up as they are?"

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  5. done!
    nice idea this wine charms to enrich the table
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