francophile friday: bacsac

BACSAC is the French company and brain child of one designer and two landscapers. The company provides "containers" for small space gardening that are lightweight, easy to transport, and affordable. The different sized bags (the very first bag looked like a duffel bag) promote good air circulation and water that mimics conditions found in the earth. They have a collection of both outdoor and indoor containers and you can also customize and create your own. The bags are also 100 percent recyclable and can be used in all climates. 

I think this is an absolutely great concept. I want to buy one in every size and create a portable kitchen garden on my patio. My patio is small but this would be perfect - and I could just move them elsewhere when we needed more space for entertaining. 

"La nature est dans le sac." It's nature in a bag.

What would you plant in your BACSAC?


  1. This company sounds amazing and I totally want a few of those bags for my balcony. So snazzy. Kisses, sweetie

  2. This is perfect timing! I'm in love with all of these! I hope to have some luck with my new plants. :)

  3. You can find BACSAC in the US at loopeedesign.com.


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