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I know I have professed my love of farmers markets on here. But sometimes, I wish I was picking up a CSA box. It would be convenient and would force us to eat more vegetables so they don't go to waste. Lately, I haven't been feeling that inspired when it comes to cooking which is strange for me, so I would love to discover new things through my CSA box. I also have been wanting to cook what looks good and what is in season versus planning on what to buy ahead of time.

Each spring, I debate whether or not to join one. But then, I get nervous. What if I can't figure out what to make with certain items? What if I waste food?

The one I want to join here is only two weeks in, so I could easily still join. I guess I am wondering what your thoughts are on this. Do any of you have a CSA membership? How do you plan meals? Are there certain things you keep on hand to create meals? What is the craziest thing you have gotten in your box?

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  1. i wish i could join one, i am in desperate need of a vegetable overhaul....

    i say go for it, see what happens, you don't have to keep doing it next year!


  2. I shared a CSA with my roommates the first summer I lived in Boston and it was great. We had more than enough veggies to share between the four of us. For a couple I recommend finding a place that will let you do a half share as a full share might be too much.
    This summer I'm doing a half share through the Urban Farm at my work, and I'm really excited about it. Srangest thing I ever got was purple kohlrabi. I definitely had to do some googling to figure out what it was and how to cook it.

    1. the one i am looking into actually does have a half share which is great! thanks for the advice.


  3. I had never heard of such a thing! Thanks for your post, maybe I'll give it a try.


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