weekend: sunny days

at the bbq with two of our senior students . . . peonies for my MIL . . . eggs florentine at brunch
a little inspiration for the week:

loving these temporary tattoos 

tips on how to make a vegan cupcake

i went to verona when i was fourteen but this makes me want to go back
Friday, I was not feeling that great and the Hubs was across the bridge for a lacrosse game so I spent the night snuggling with Peyton. Saturday morning, I got up early to get flowers for my MIL and step mom for mother's day and then headed home to make food for our work barbecue that we were having for the students who work in the office. After that I cleaned the house a bit and then headed to the barbecue. There were a lot of yummy treats (most of which were inspired by pinterest.) After the barbecue, the Hubs and I headed to his parents for dinner. This morning, we headed across the bridge and had brunch with my dad and step mom. After brunch we walked around downtown Silver Spring and went into some shops (I got fitted for some new running shoes.) After that, the Hubs headed to Virginia for his week-long class and I headed back home.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

How was your weekend?

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