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15 ways to stay married for 15 years

the kennedy wedding

excited for this new sitcom

need for the ocean
First off, you will now be seeing instagram photos added into the weekend posts. The first reason is that the Hubs is annoyed with me always pulling my camera out during dinner. Ok, I get it. So last night, I finally downloaded instagram (second reason) so I could discretely take pictures of my food. You can follow me @lachapstickfanatique. I am still learning how to use it so if anyone has any tips let me know. I tried to go on my computer to look at my account but couldn't figure out how to look at my pictures or how to follow anyone - do I have to do all of that on my phone?

Anyways, onto the weekend . . . Friday night, the Hubs came home from his weeklong class and brought dinner with him. I was so tired from the pup being sick all week and barely getting any sleep that I went to bed at 7:30. 

Saturday, I had a nice leisurely breakfast at viva and then went grocery shopping. After that, I hung outside since it was such a nice day and read a magazine. I had a lazy afternoon, just doing a little laundry. Then the Hubs and I headed to Berlin, Maryland to walk around a bit before our dinner reservation at Drummer's Café at the Atlantic Hotel. There wasn't much still open. My grandparents got a gift certificate there for Christmas but we decided to wait to use it until it was nicer out. My grandparents always like to tell how parts of Runaway Bride was filmed there and how they saw Richard Gere there one time and another time they stayed in the same room Richard Gere had stayed in. They are so funny. The food was good and the ambiance was really cute. I would like to go back one time for lunch one time and then walk around and go in some of the shops.

Today, we cleaned and I finally got my office organized. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. Ahhh - I love the Atlantic Hotel! My great grandmother lived in Ocean Pines for forever, and we would always head into Berlin for lunch!


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