to dry clean or not

Ok I have to complain. Why is it that when I take a shirt to the dry cleaners, I pay around $7 while my husband pays around $2? I have done a little research and dry cleaners claim that women's shirts are more intricate and involve more human hand and time versus using a machine.

Ok, I understand that. But yesterday, I took button-up shirts that are just like my husband's. In fact, you can't tell me that they are not much different from a button-up shirt that a man, my size, owns (especially the men's slim-fit shirts.)
So, with just a few shirts, a couple sweaters, two dresses, and some women's pants, my bill was around $100. Is charging more for my female items discrimination? Or can they get away with this because they call my button-up shirt a "blouse" but my husband's button-up shirt a "shirt?"

I don't dry clean an item every time I wear it to save money (and they also claim it isn't good for your clothes to do it with every wear.) I just wish I had a better option because I really can't drop $100 for every trip to the cleaners but I don't like the way my nicer button-up shirts wear if I was and iron them - they seem to get faded.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you do something other than going to the cleaners?

{lace shirt from here; button-ups form here}


  1. dry cleaning can be such a snake oil business.... there are times when i feel like nothing even happened! my clothes just went on a ride on some zip line.

    for in between dry cleans, i use a hand held steamer and fabric freshener, with a spot cleaner, if necessary. especially if i have worn a blouse in a smoky party, it really helps. there are also dry cleaning bags for the dryer, mostly for sweaters i think.


  2. I've gone the hand steamer/dryer bag route on some more sturdy items but for those delicate items I just cough up the money. Have you shopped around for another dry cleaners? I switched last year because I thought the prices were unreasonable for female tops/pants and it turns out they were indeed high for the area (they went of business two months ago.)

    Good luck! The pink lace shirt is gorgeous!


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