summer bags

My go to summer bag is my large Longchamp. I take it to the pool, to the beach, and it slowly becomes my purse during the summer. There is nothing like pulling out your wallet in a store and getting a waft of beach smell because there is still sand in the bottom of your bag.

Sadly, my big black Longchamp died at the end of last summer. I started noticing a hole at the beginning of the summer but I chose to ignore it because I didn't want to believe that it was dying. The hole got bigger and the straps finally started to fail. But I beat that thing up. Not only did it do sand at the beach but it also did big textbooks for my last year in college. So for Christmas, my step-mom got me a big bluish-grey Longchamp so I could put the other one to rest.

For the market, I use a big wicker bag that I bought in Jamaica. I also lend it out to friends if they don't have a beach bag when they visit.

However, I am smitten with colorful summer bags and I wish I could buy all of them. I have to restrain myself though knowing that, once I fall in love with a bag, I rarely switch it out for something else I have unless there is a change of the seasons.
1. I still need to add a bag from the French Basketeer to my collection. The Cap Ferrat in Mango is still my favorite. Considering there is now a big farmer's market within walking distance of my house, I think it may be time. 
2. I am obsessing over this Coated Canvas Weekender bag from Anthropologie. The white and tan color combo makes it perfect for summer and it is super roomy making it perfect for a full day spent around town. 
3. I am so in need of a simple canvas tote and this nautical inspired one from the Etsy shop, handmade therapy, is super cute. This would be great to throw a book and some sunblock in for the beach. 
4. I am always on the fence about backpacks but with all these chic options out there now, who could resist? This one from Herschel Supply Co. would be great for all of my mom friends who need there hands free for all those mommy things they do. 

What is your go-to summer bag?


  1. I've started using a tote bag as a purse, too. I switched to a wristlet/small clutch for some party a couple of months ago, and whenever I need to carry more things (beach, day shopping, vacation, whatever) I throw it into a tote bag with the other things I need. It's pretty nice! I kind of wonder why I've never done it this way before.

  2. Right now I'm really into printed canvass bags. My go-to work/ gym bag has been my Sloan Ranger canvass tote (http://www.sloaneranger.com/Shop/totes/ditzy-floral-tote.html) and on weekends I've been carrying my blue floral Jason Wu for target bag.

  3. i have a tote from zara that i'm slowly wearing to it's death..it's huge and so gorgeous and it matches with everything. i'm trying to cut back on wearing it just because i don't want to get rid of it just yet. but, i'm trying to get into smaller purses too. i'm such a tote hoarder!


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