the shops at target

I am so excited for The Shops at Target to come to stores on May 6th. I have been a fan of the company reaching out to high end designers for clothing, makeup, and bedding and now they will be bringing a boutique feel by searching out the best this country has to offer.

I think I am most excited for the Privet House from Connecticut. The items they are bringing to Target are somewhat rustic, french chic and, might I add, will fit in perfectly in my home.
Peyton is most excited for Polka Dog Bakery from Boston. She loves that the treats are yummy but still healthy and she thinks the toys look so fun and colorful. I already promised her a toy and treat from there.
What shop are you most excited for?

{images and more items from here}


  1. id be so much more excited if i could easily go to a target. its so sad.

  2. I'd like to pick up one of those bags! and I'll definitely be stopping by the pet shop for my little one :)




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