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When I was younger, I wanted glasses so badly. I even bought a fake pair in middle school and wore them around my bedroom. They were black, rectangular glasses from the BP section at Nordstrom. 

Freshman year of college, I noticed myself getting a lot of headaches while studying. I soon realized how much I was straining my eyes trying to look at the tiny Chinese characters for my class. I went to the eye doctor and they prescribed me reading glasses. But honestly, they didn't really fulfill my lifelong  fantasy of glasses; I would only be wearing them when I was on my computer or reading so I would only be wearing them when I was in my bedroom - again. (I am pretty sure there are even some of my closest friends who don't know I own glasses. You can see evidence here.)

Well, seven years later and I decided it was probably time for another eye doctor appointment. And you know what he told me? I shouldn't be wearing my reading glasses anymore. My eyes are back to normal and if I keep wearing them, my eyes will start straining. (I had kind of already diagnosed that, though, when I realized wearing my glasses seem blurry compared to normally vision so I really didn't wear them that often.)

But he also told me I need glasses for long distance like driving, going to the movies, or watching a game. I picked out my beautiful tortoise shell glasses yesterday and I will have to go pick them up in a few days! Good thing is: I am not blind without glasses so there is no need to worry about having to wear them for special events or when I go out with friends. 

My life is now complete...

Do you wear glasses? What shapes do you like?

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  1. This same exact thing happened to me. Freshman year Shakespeare left me with reading glasses, and in February I finally went to the eye doctor for the first time since then and was back to normal. I was pretty sad, I wanted a chic pair of glasses! I love bold, chunky frames especially like the bike gal's!

    Also, your question about my vest - I got it Summer 2011 so unfortunately its not around anymore. :( Are you coming to Blogger Blitz?

  2. I have to wear glasses all the time but I usually wear my contacts. I recently got a pair of new glasses from Warby Parker and love them! I got a thicker rim with a bit of a cat eye- so cute! Hope yours are just what you have always wanted!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  3. i wear my contacts, generally, but the main reason i am back here in the land of pleasant living is to return to my eye doctor..... sigh. new frames are so expensive, but mine are just too small and not flattering.



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