better-for-you beauty products, part 4

This is part four of my search for natural and organic beauty products. You can see the other posts here, here, and here.
1. Josie Maran Argan Color Stick: This color stick can be used on lips or cheeks but I have only used it on my lips. The organic argan oil hydrates well - I have used this in lieu of lip balm. I have it in Petal Pink and it gives a natural, sheer tint to my lips so it is perfect for the daytime. It is paraben and fragrance free and it lasts forever. I have barely put a dent in my first one and I use it all the time.
2. Pangea Organics Egyptian Calendula & Blood Orange Cleanser: I bought a discovery kit through Pangea Organics and this was one of the products. This cleanser is organic, gluten-free, and vegan. I haven't really found anything special about this. There isn't anything bad but I am not wild about the smell and I don't think it does anything super special for my skin. 
3. Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion: Although I am still in love with my DevaCurl gel, I wanted something lighter  for the winter months and the days when I don't have to worry about heat or humidity. This is great because it is weightless and lets my hair be more wavy than curly while still controlling frizz. I like the brand because the products are made from renewable and sustainable resources whenever possible, using pure essential oils, plant extracts, and natural antioxidants. This hair cream is paraben-free and has UV protection. 
4. Avalon Organics Aloe Unscented Body Lotion: I was afraid finding a new body lotion that was organic or all-natural would be a lot more expensive than what I was using. I was wrong. I love the aloe unscented lotion. I don't  do well with fragrances, especially on my legs after I shave. I get itchy and sometimes bumpy. I don't have any issues with this lotion. I can also use it on my arms which are super sensitive and have genetic red bumps on them. It is NSF certified and doesn't contain parabens and sulfates. Plus, the bottle is made with 100% recycled materials.
5. Tarte Amazonian Clay Pressed Mineral Powder: I like this powder. I like that it has SPF 8 and that it is free of parabens and sulfates. I also like that the mineral powder allows the skin to breath. I am still not sure I am totally satisfied with it though. I like powders that have a little bit of depth to them and are not completely the same color. However, I may not be totally satisfied because my skin has been dry lately. 
6. Inika Natural Perfection Concealer: I used this on my under-eye circles. I love it is light and mousse-like and it doesn't cake on. The only problem is, at times, it is too thin. I really need to make sure I shake and massage the tube before I squeeze any of it out and it doesn't seem to stay all day or it really gathers in fine lines. It is certified organic and can be used right on top of blemishes since it won't irritate them. 

What beauty products have you used lately? Have you found any good natural or organic products?

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  1. I love that Aloe Lotion. It is honestly the best, right!? I am loving the Josie Maran foundation and SPF 40, so awesome and I hate foundation, so obvs it's really good. Also, I ordered custom oil blends from Truth Art Beauty, and they rock my world. 100% organic.


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