weekend: working and new food

beer on tap at the new public house . . . chopped salad . . . the hub's burger . . . my smoked duck confit . . . beer tasting . . . sitting outside as the sun goes down . . . puppy love . . . shower curtain that my aunt hand made for me
a little inspiration for the coming week:

with summer on its way, this article is an important read
Friday evening, the Hubs and I tried the new gastropub, Public House, inside the new Evolution Brewery building in Salisbury. It was crowded by the time we got there so we sat at the bar. We split the chopped salad. The Hubs got a burger and I tried the special: smoked duck confit made with their Lucky  Porter. Everything was delicious. Next time, I want to try the gruyere fondue that is on the menu. After that we stopped by Market Street for a glass of wine and then went home to hang out with the pup outside since it was such a nice night. 

Saturday, I was up early for work. We had an event on campus. Then I met the Hubs for a late lunch. After that, I got a much needed facial. I think I like facials more than massages. What about you? After that the Hubs and I picked up pizza from DiPietros. While the Hubs went out with some friends, I caught up on New Girl and Magic City episodes. 

Today, we ran some errands and I spent some time outside with the pup enjoying the weather. I managed to finally give myself a pedicure using my new Essie polish. While the Hubs and I were trying to figure out what to do for lunch, we fell into a sun-induced sleep delaying Chipotle until mid-afternoon. Then I straightened up the house a bit and some food for the week. 

This weekend was nice and the weather was great. I just wish it didn't feel so short. How was your weekend?

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  1. such a cute one of you and the pup. mm, duck confit sounds rich and delicious! :) glad you had a good weekend! (it was raining here the whole time so we didn't do much!)


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