weekend: dancing around

a crab cake sandwich and freshly squeezed lemonade at the salisbury festival . . . scallops rockefeller over white corn risotto green hill. . . dancing around with the pup after dinner . . . multigrain pancakes with strawberry sauce . . . homemade bread
Friday, the Hubs worked late so I cleaned up the house a bit, ordered some sushi, and caught up on a few tv shows. Saturday, we ran some errands, I did yoga, and then we headed to the Salisbury Festival for lunch. Unfortunately, it was a gloomy day so we didn't stay very long. That afternoon, I took a nap and then we headed to Green Hill for dinner. When we got home, I turned on some music and had a dance party with the pup. This morning, I got up for a short walk/run and then made some pancakes. We mostly hung out around the house today. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. I like Peyton's confused/horrified look! Also, that bread looks amazing.


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