style inspiration from jane birkin

So I created this style inspiration post late one night. It was originally for a francophile friday since I was thinking "Birkin Bag." The bag is French but its inspiration, Jane, not so much (well except for having a daughter with her French lover Gainsbourg.) So I saved it for another time.
With straight bangs and long lean legs, Jane Birkin's style was never overdone or stuffy. A little girly, a little sexy, and, sometimes, a little disheveled, her anti-fashion style is still something to be inspired by. And who else can say they have an Hermès bag named after them?

What do you think of her style?


  1. It's so timeless! All of those outfits would look great forever.

  2. She has such a timeless style -- love her!

  3. i love jane birkin, she is effortless and timeless, two qualities that, for me, truly exude an elegant sense of perfect style that just works. plus, she was shagging serge gainsbourg.... you really cannot get any cooler.



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