an organized closet

I am not an inherently organized person. I know where everything is and I am certainly not dirty, but I am not one of those people who necessarily has a place for everything. But I do love when a space is finally organized even though it does not come naturally to me. (See my kitchen organization post here!)

My friend, Kathy, helped me organize my linen closet a few months ago and my bedroom closet is always pretty well-kept but I think it is time to take it to the next level. I am finding inspiration from some of these spaces:

Are you an organized person? What little tricks do you use to keep everything in its place?

{images via here, here, here, here, here and here}


  1. dude. these pics made me feel reeeaaaaallllly bad about myself. my closet is a nightmare.

  2. i should also add that we have a California-type closet, so the fault is entirely my own.

  3. Dude, not me. Half of my clothes are on the floor.

  4. i have an unhealthy addiction to tj maxx, because the shoes are so incredible, but they do not come with boxes. normally, i store my shoes, stacked, in their boxes in my closet, so these others are just scattered amuck on my floor. it is AWFUL.

    i need help!


  5. Ah my dream is to have a closet big enough to organize! These ones are gorgeous-- want that!!

  6. I'm fairly organized, and here are two of my tips. 1. Deal with the mail as soon as it comes through the door. Recycle, keep to read for later (and then recycle), shred, or put in my bills stack.

    2. Closet-wise, buy many of the same brand/style of hangers. It sounds silly but makes such a difference. I found my wooden hangers at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for a very good price (including coupon!). :)

  7. I would love to have a closet of that size!

  8. I use those rubbermaid big storage containers from Target. They come in cute colors like hunter green and purple. One of them has a pillow, fitted sheet, and blanket so when a guest comes I just whip out that container along with the air mattress!


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