on the water

I am incredibly busy this week so I thought that today I would just leave you with a few pretty and peaceful pictures of the water. 

I have always loved the water, ever since I was little. My grandparents used to have a house right on the Wye River in Queenstown, Maryland and I used to sit out on the pier or take a boat out and go crabbing. 

I loved the water so much that I ended up at St. Mary's College after high school. We were spoiled there: you could take out a kayak, canoe or sailboat for free - all you needed was your student ID. And oh that sunset on the St. Mary's River...

I am lucky to be on the Eastern Shore and have access to the water again. There is just something about it that calms me.

What place is calming for you?

{images via my pinterest}

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  1. The water is always really calming to me too. I grew up in tropical Miami and the first thing I want to do when I go home is run straight to the beach.


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