francophile friday: sessùn spring/summer 2012

I am really loving this French brand's spring/summer collection. Sessùn's warm color pallette gives off a vintage, retro feel and their unique additions of stripes make me swoon. I also need to steal a pair of those peep-toe sandals!

And since I am linking up with {long distance loving} for a date night themed friday's fancies, I suppose I need to pick an outfit. For a nice night out for dinner, I think I would choose the last dress. I love sweetness of the colors and stripes paired with the sexy back. 

What outfit would you choose for a date night?


  1. What a fun collection! I'd probably go with the cute little backless dress at the bottom right for a date night.

  2. want all of these outfits, now.

    they are a bit more doll-like and whimsical than i typically dress, but super adorable.


  3. yea they are a little out of my style box too. i totally get "doll-like" as well, but i think each piece can be styled different so you don't get that effect.

  4. i'm digging this so much! me and high heels are seriously getting along like never before.