francophile friday: les macarons

I realized that I have yet to talk about my love of macarons on here. You are probably like "Oh so original. You love them like every other blogger." Well, yea! They are freaking delicious! And on top of that they are pretty and cute.

We didn't have Laudurée in Bordeaux so I got my macarons at Bailladran, the canelé shop that I talked about here. They were 50c a piece so every week I would go and buy two or three. The first few weeks I tried all of the flavors but I soon figured out that my favorites were pistache (pistachio) and framboise (raspberry). The pistachio was filled with a cream and the raspberry was filled with a confiture. Before a trip, I would stop by Paul which was next door to the train station and get an extra large pistachio macaron. It was the size of a cookie. 

(And just remember it is "macaron"not to be confused with "macaroon." Although I enjoy the latter, as well.)

Do you like macarons? What is your favorite flavor?

{beautiful watercolor from here}


  1. I just had my first one this week and I learned that I don't like rose. Lol. I need to try some more!

  2. tragically i have never had a macaron. although i blogged about my love for a certain dessert today as well. great minds think alike i guess! :)

  3. every other blogger ? more like every other human being ! they are so good. my fav is lemon.

  4. Haha it is such a blogger thing to like macarons, huh? But I can't resist them! My favorite is definitely rose water :)


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