fixing wood paneling

One thing that may actually be worse that nails on a chalkboard for me is icky wood paneling. I am alright if it is very light with a more natural, unfinished look but give me dark wood walls or, worse, caramel colored wood walls, and I want to punch someone in the face. (Although I am fine with dark wooden beams on the ceiling. I even prefer them.)

However, want to know something that makes me want to kiss puppies and frolic through a field? Painted wood paneling. So yes, I need to start off with the home design items I most despise to come up with one of my fave aesthetic pieces. What I love about wood paneling is that it works with a variety of styles: rustic, shabby chic, preppy, eclectic.

My friend, Ledesa, is working on fixing up her retro house. When she told me she was thinking about ripping our her wood paneling, I nearly croaked. She said she had toyed with the idea of painting them but she was too afraid of how it would turn out. I told her I would search out some homes with painted wood paneling so she could have a better visual of how it would turn out. And I told her I would help paint - as long as she provided pizza. She is thinking about painting in either white, cream, or grey.

What do you think about painted wood paneling?

{images via my pinterest}


  1. i've never thought about painted wood panels....

    this collection of images look awesome, though!


  2. That gray kitchen is dreamy!


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