weekend: a mini break

breaking out the bensimons for spring . . . the bomber pizza at dipietros (huge!) . . . had no idea how on-trend i would be when i bought this rain jacket a few years ago (yay neon!) . . . breakfast tacos this morning
a little inspiration for the coming week:

this book would be a cool gift for my teacher friends

an absolutely beautiful wedding story (grab tissues)

a music mix for the week inspired by this post (love 8tracks!)
My weekend started a bit early on Wednesday night. We had a mini spring break at work. Unfortunately, the Hubs didn't get back home until Friday to celebrate with me. Wednesday night, I watched Midnight in Paris.

Thursday, I cleaned the house, finally tried a Greek place I had been wanting to try (for two years), and did a little bit of work. Then I curled up with the pup and we watched the new show, Missing. Have you seen it? I love the different countries she ends up in. Alias was one of my favorite shows in high school so I love spy aspect of this. I would describe this show as what would happen to Sydney Bristow if her husband was murdered, she quit the CIA, and ten years later her son went missing.

Friday, I picked the Hubs up from the airport and we had lunch. Then I had some time to catch up on blog reading and sit outside. It was a beautiful day! I just wish it could have lasted all weekend. After doing some Pilates, the Hubs and I headed to DiPietros for some dinner. Then we came home and watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I have read two and a half of the books (couldn't get through the third) so I was excited to see it.

Saturday, we went to breakfast and then ran some errands. After that I did some laundry and hung out around the house. When I became crazy for staying in the house all day, we headed out to dinner for MoJo's. After that we came home and watched the documentary, City Lax: An Urban Lacrosse Story. I found myself cheering for the team at the end of the documentary.

Today, we made breakfast and I did a little bit of work. After lunch, we laid around and had an extremely lazy day. Now we are excited for the Mad Men premiere. It stinks it is on at the same time as Shameless but at least we can OnDemand that tomorrow.

How was your weekend? What did you do?


  1. What did you think about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? I walked into that movie knowing NOTHING about it, and I could not stop thinking about it for days afterwards - that rape scene was SO intense and yet compelling at the same time!

    1. since i had read the book, i knew those scenes were coming so i was a bit more prepared but they were still intense. it probably wasn't best to watch it right before bed though because i had dreams about it that night.

  2. We had to miss Mad Men, too, but that was because Hubsey had to pick me up at the airport right in the middle of it. Hooray for On Demand!


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