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This month is hectic. I am doing a decent amount of traveling (in fact, I am in Baltimore right now.) And when I am actually home, the Hubs is traveling for work as well, so I have to go straight home to the pup - not to the gym after work. But I decided that an entire month of not working out wasn't going to cut it.

So I joined a website called My Yoga Online that hosts videos with yoga, pilates, and meditation instruction. You can search videos based on type, length, and instructor. They also have posts and videos about health and wellness. It is really convenient to be able to do pilates anywhere, anytime, and it is a lot harder for me to make excuses not to exercise. (It is also really inexpensive - less than $10 for a month or even less if you sign up for an entire year.)

Another thing that motivates me is new workout gear. Here are a few things I have been eyeing:
{1, 2, 3, 4}

If you would like to try My Yoga Online for two weeks for free, you can sign up using my code here.

What is your favorite way to workout? Does new gear inspire you?


  1. That is AWESOME. Keep it up! I recently started running...it's hard, but the benefits are worth it. :) Might have to try this yoga trial too!

  2. Kudos to you for finding a creative way to work exercise into your busy schedule. I just joined the Y. The new sneakers and workout clothes I purchased yesterday are definitely motivating me to get started.


  3. I love yoga! I wish I could do it more often, this would be perfect for me! Thanks:)


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