petit girl vs. the maxi skirt

I am short. Not under-five-feet-short but short enough to be considered petit. (And actually over a foot shorter than my husband.)

I am curious, do you think short girls can wear maxi skirts? I love the easy breezy style of a long skirt but I wasn't sure if someone my size could pull it off.

I own a black maxi dress (seen here.) It took me forever to find one that worked. While searching, I realized that I had to stay away from pattern and volume because both swallowed my body. I would assume I would have to do the same with a maxi skirt. I just want something that is a bit more adventourous than black (since I am stepping out of my style box.)

Here are few maxi skirts I am loving:

{skirt 1, 2, 3, 4}

What do you think: can short girls wear maxis? What skirt is your favorite? What color?


  1. i have a few maxi skirts, and even i with my long legs sometimes feel, in retrospect, hmmm, the volume sure does swallow me and look unflattering.

    i, personally, would be skeptical of ordering anything online in your case; i would definitely want to try on in the store.

    in terms of venturing away from black, a bright jewel color could be fun and not dowdy.... i have one in cobalt and in a lipstick fuschia. both are very playful.


  2. I always hear the words of my mom when we would go shopping in middle school saying, "short girls must wear short skirts", also there is the challenge of finding one that won't drag on the ground. So at 5'4'' I haven't gotten on the maxi trend, but I think I look good in some floor length gowns, so I say go for it! I like 1 and 4 best.

  3. great tips! i am 5'4 and i have a solid maxi dress but i want to get a skirt (like the one i posted today!) ill def stay away from the printed ones!


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