shopping and a birthday

I don't really have a post today. I am traveling for my job and yesterday, after finishing up some work, I went shopping and had dinner with friends which left very little time for typing up a post.

I bought myself a few things for my birthday. I got a pair of black ankle pants (which are going to be great for work) and I purchased a much-wanted white blazer. I am going to take back the dress I bought. I liked it a lot and it fit me well but I forgot my shopping rule: don't buy something unless you are absolutely in love. (I got seduced by the sale price.)

I also made my first Madewell purchase - a pair of blue suede flats that I talked about here. There were only two in the area left in my size and they were all sold out online. So I ordered them and they were shipped to my house for free!

And don't forget - tomorrow you can link up with a post for a better you.

What purchases have you made lately?


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