my sugar addiction

I am pretty sure I am addicted to sugar. I need it all the time now. I don't feel satisfied after a meal without a cookie or candy or other sugary treat. I never used to be like this when I was younger - junk food and candy just weren't for me. But it got pretty bad over the past few months and even worst because of the holidays.

And seriously, "sugar addiction" is a real thing. I remember reading about it a few years back in Women's Health or something like that.

I think I am going to give up sugar for the rest of February to break it (fruit and natural sugars don't count.) I will only allow myself to eat treats during birthday related festivities (since my birthday is at the end of the month.) But then I wonder if it is smart to go cold turkey - I fear eating everything in sight just to satisfy my extreme cravings.

Does anyone know of a good way to break a sugar addiction? Is there a 12-step program?

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  1. I would try to common snacking solutions like taking a walk or not keeping it in the house. And maybe have a piece of fruit or really dark chocolate after meals. However when I sometimes have sugar binges (eat a bag of sweettarts) the best way for me to kick it is cold turkey. I think as soon as you realize you've gone overboard its easier to stop.

  2. Mmmm sugar. I share your affliction. I have to have something sweet after my meal. My bf makes fun of me and is always telling me "dinner is its own reward". As part of my efforts to eat more healthy I started to buy things that are per-portioned, and I only let myself have one of them. Better to eat one 150 calorie ice-cream sandwich than a whole bowl of ice-cream right?


  3. SUBSTITUTE. personally, i think dried fruit does the trick.

  4. I'm the SAME way, sugar is definitely my downfall! It's very hard to break the addiction and I'm definitely no expert, but I think that cutting it out for awhile helps you crave it less...and it definitely makes you feel better! Another benefit is when I've cut sugar/processed foods from my diet, my skin looks a thousand times better! You're motivating me to crack down on my diet again! Xoxo

  5. My best friend coined the saying of "something sweet to let the tummy know its done" and we both live by it. I've been trying to have an orange whenever my sweet tooth shows up, it's been working sorta. Good luck if you take the month off!

  6. No advice here, as I'm the same way - serious addiction. Like, eat-bags-of-candy-in-the-car-to-hide-it-from-my-husband addicted. But I have always loved candy, ever since I was little when I frequented the 3 penny candy stores within walking distance of my house. I think that's how I became addicted. I had a root canal by age 28 to prove it!

  7. Oh, geeze. I'm exactly the same way. :) Here are some tips that I have been trying lately. 1. Sugarfree Jello pudding. 60 calories. Delish.
    2. Sugarfree gum (like Trident). All day.
    3. Brushing my teeth immediately after a meal.

    Good luck! It's a noble goal.

  8. You might try the 17 day diet. It worked for me and kept me from craving sugar for the few months afterwards.

  9. There is an excellent book/program I have used for my trouble with sugar. It's called "Potatoes not Prozac" by Kathleen DesMaisons. The website is www.radiantrecovery.com. It has been pretty life-changing since I started following the plan 2 years ago!


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