my spring style wish list

I stay inside a style box. I feel safe with my navy, grey, black, brown, tan, and cream outfits. My pieces fit well together and they are generally flattering. But, lately, I have been bored with my closet especially when I see the colorful pieces in J. Crew, Anthro, and different style blogs. It is time for me to stop feeling like I can't "pull it off" and try a few bright pieces on.

These are some pieces that I would like for spring and summer. You could even consider this my birthday wish list.

1. Colorblock Stripe Skirt from the LOFT: I have been searching for a striped skirt. At first I was looking for a pencil style since it almost always works with my body type. But then I saw this and I remembered how one of my favorite skirts is an a-line fit.
2. Short Sleeve Tee from American Apparel: I know this does not have color but everyone should have a basic white tee that goes with any color. I do not own one. I have yet to find one that fits well and is not see-through. Does anyone know how the American Apparel basics are? I have never actually bought anything there before.
3. Gibson Linen Blazer from Nordstrom: Again, I know this is white but everyone should invest in a white blazer for the spring and summer months. It is so versatile and goes with any color.
4. Dotted Pencil Skirt from Madewell: I love polka dots! One of my favorite pieces of clothing in high school was a black and white polka dotted skirt from Forever 21. I was obsessed with it (and I wore it with red lips.) This blue one from Madewell is so classic in a pattern that is forever in style.
5. The Suede Sidewalk Skimmer from Madewell: The only colorful place in my closet is where I keep my shoes. But I do not own a pair of blue shoes. I love this bright blue color. "But don't you step on my blue suede shoes." (Sorry I had to...)
6. Café Capri from J. Crew: I really want a pair of green pants. I love the color green. It is so fresh and perfect for spring.
7. Dee&Ray 'Celine' Colorblock Top: I think the colorblock tops are so cheery. This would be great to throw on with jeans but also tuck it into a skirt for work.

What is on your spring wish list?


  1. Love, love, love! All of the bright colors coming out this spring have me so happy. I went in H&M the other day and everywhere I looked there were neons, pastels and primary colors!


  2. I tend to stay in those colors too! Ok for fall and winter but I seriously need some excitement in my wardrobe come this spring!

  3. Cute!! Loving all the green and navy together. THat polka dot skirt is also too adorable!

  4. I'm thinking I may need those green pants for St. Patty's Day! (and every other day too!)

  5. So pretty!! Looove the denim!

    ox from NYC!


  6. Cute wishlist items, I love the capris from J.Crew and that polka dot Madewell skirt is on my wishlist too!

    To answer your question, yes the Bloomingdale's at White Flint is closing! So very, very sad but so many good deals to be had. Ack that rhymed but its true. :)

  7. These pieces are great! I love the stripes and I am obsessed with green! Shall we be followers?




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