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I am turning 25 in twenty days and I am kind of freaking out. I have never dreaded a birthday before so this is really weird for me. But there is just something about TWENTY-FIVE.

I don't know if it is the grey...
I found my first (two) grey hairs two New Years Eves ago and since then I have found a few everyone in awhile. There aren't enough that I need to color my hair but they are enough to freak me out.

I don't know if it is the number on the scale...
Confession: I am at my heaviest weight ever. I don't think I am the most out of shape I have ever been since I exercise pretty regularly and didn't really start doing that until a few years ago. But I just don't feel that great about my body. (I have been told your metabolism greatly slows down at 25, mine started a year early.)

I don't know if it is the old pictures...
I have been torturing myself with looking at old pictures lately, mostly from college. I just look so young. I don't think I look old exactly, I just don't look like I did in college (and it doesn't seem like it was that long ago.) And we were having so much fun!

I keep beating myself up since my concerns seem kind of vain but if they bother me, then they bother me.

But I refuse to let these things get me down. I made a decision the other day - I am going to make 25 awesome.

So I decided on a new feature for the blog, at least for the month of February: I want to do a post every Wednesday about creating a better me. And starting next week, if you would like, you can join in and link up with a post of your own. It can be beauty advice, something you are doing to make your life better, health tips, or anything you would like. And I will have a linking tool so we can all share our posts with each other.

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  1. i have not found any gray hairs, yet, but cellulite is and always will be my greatest adversary.....

    i know exactly what you mean. i hate my birthday, always, a lot. this past one was particularly hard. ironically, though, it did not end with me drinking a bottle of red wine in my bed, which is the usual turn of events. i just relaxed and had some fun. so, it was good?


  2. I'm 26, and I say, let's embrace aging! And really, we're still extremely young! Hey, if Madonna can still dance like a 16 yr old at 50, then we have plenty of time to age. :)

  3. honey, 25 is nothing. it's 35 when it all goes to hell. trust!


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