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I now have been at my new job for six months and I am finally getting a hang of scheduling, in terms of my life outside of work. Before I had a job where the work day was pretty much done at 3:30 pm since they let me get in around 7:00 am. I could go to the gym and have dinner ready by the time the Hubs got home. And then I would still have time to clean, run errands, or relax for a few hours before bed. Not now.

So, for a while, exercising went out the window. I gained weight but what was worse is how I felt. I knew something had to change.

I started to make more of a commitment to go to the gym. But I knew I also had to be realistic. My schedule is different every week and is much more tiring. Sometimes I just want to go home. So I have done two things to help with exercising at home:

I actually started a board on Pinterest called Health & Fitness to pin exercises I can do at home. First, this is motivating to see every time I log on. But also, I am able catch up on a tv show or chat with the Hubs while I exercise.

The Library
I get bored easily with exercise DVDs. So, sometimes, buying them can be a waste of money. I have started to go to the library to check out one or two DVDs a week. In conjunction with going to the gym, this never gets boring.

How to you exercise? What challenges do you have with scheduling?

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  1. Get it! I've gotten back into diet and exercise this new year, and loseit.com is one of my favorite things. It's free. :) Mostly I walk (briskly) on the treadmill and then do my yoga DVD at night.

    I feel much better than I used to. And I can totally relate to your post. Good luck!


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