a bare office

Although I have been at my new job for over six months, my office still looks bare. I have not decorated it at all. Everyone else's offices have cute little touches while mine is pretty much ugly. I think it is time I put a little bit of effort in.

Obviously, there will not be any painting or buying of furniture but it would be nice to give my office a little bit of love. I think I am going to go for a navy and yellow color scheme which is very different from the neutrals of my home.

I do have a few obstacles. First, I am on the third floor of a house which means the top half of my walls are slanted. This makes it hard to hang any type of art. I also have a realtively big office. No I am not bragging - it actually makes it hard to make it comfy since there is so much extra space that isn't really used. I almost wish it was more compact.

I plan to lean a few pieces of art on shelves and cover my unsightly file cabinets with some fabric. I hate using my overhead light but the desk lamp that was provided is broken and doesn't really provide much light anyway.

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How do you decorate your office at work? Any ideas for my space?

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  1. you should snap some quick photos (do not be embarrassed!), so we can all see what you are working with.

    i WISH i had an office. wish wish wish. my cubicle looks like shit.... there are papers and journals and binders everywhere. such a mess. maybe you will inspire me (to at least clean....)



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