weekend: new year's eve

reid playing . . . little hands . . . with niki's new frenchie, lucy . . . the coolest motorized balloon shark . . . with jevi and niki . . . with the hubs right before midnight
a little inspiration for the coming week:

super cute

cute english bulldog

i love this casual but chic outfit

Really, my weekend was all week since I had off from work. I took some time to really unplug. I didn't post to the blog, I never checked my work email, and I only tweeted a few times here and there. (I did get some much needed blog reading in, though.)

Friday night, we went to Ruth Chris with the Hub's parents and his sister. Saturday, we got up and headed to Elkridge to visit our friend's Ashley and Pat and for the Hub's to meet Reid. Then we headed to Bethesda later that night for a New Year's Eve celebration with friends. I got to meet Niki's new French bulldog, Lucy, who is so cute!

Sunday, the Hubs and I stopped at Annapolis mall on our way back and then we hung out in bed - we were so tired from the night before. After dinner we decided to go and see the new Sherlock Holmes movie which was pretty good. Even if you don't think the plot is stellar, the cinematography is really good.

Today, I ran a few errands and hung out in bed, again. This evening, I took my first Pole Fitness class. I really enjoyed it but I realized that I have no upper body strength. The instructor said that by the end of the eight weeks, though, we should be able to climb the pole. I am back to work tomorrow but, although I love my job, I feel like I still need a day more.

How was your weekend/break?

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