weekend: a long weekend

my new nailpolish that i think will be perfect for spring . . . re-teaching myself to knit
a little inspiration for the coming week:

5 tips for food photography

traveling with a baby

italian countryside getaway
Friday night, we ordered pizza from a new pizza place (not that great) and then, since I hadn't been feeling great, I snuggled with Peyton in bed and fell asleep before nine. Saturday, the Hubs and I took down the Christmas tree and cleaned up the house. That night, we went to Green Hill for an international pub crawl. They set up different stations that represented different countries and each country had at least one type of beer and then some food. It was a lot of fun. Sunday, the Hubs left for DC for a week long class and I pretty much did some work, cleaned the house, and only left for a hair appointment. I had off work today as well so I cooked a little and just tried to relax until I went to my pole class this evening.

How was your weekend? I hope you got an extra day off.

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  1. UGH. went to the office today.

    love that pink, looks darling!



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