weekend: the hub's birthday

twenty-seven plus one for good luck . . . yummy cake . . . morning light . . . my new boots
a little inspiration for the coming week:

cute rainy day ensemble

pictures of paris
Friday night, the Hubs and I had dinner at Backstreet Grill. We hadn't been there in awhile so it was a nice change. Saturday, I went to run errands and then go pick up the Hub's birthday gift. Saturday evening, we went to the in-laws to celebrate the Hub's 27th birthday (and I found a pair of flat black boots on sale.) This morning we drove around and then we went to lunch with Rich's sister. This afternoon I did some work. It was nice to have a relaxing weekend.

How was your weekend?


  1. Was that cake as nummy as it looks?! Lucky hubs!

  2. Really like the new boots and shot. Hope your husband's birthday was everything and more...


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