under the covers with niki: sexual new year's resolutions

{This is our seventh post for our feature "Under the Covers with Niki." You can read about sex therapy and see other posts here.}

Ladies, when setting goals for the New Year don’t rule out improving your sex life! Making resolutions to enhance your sex life can be empowering but it is easy to become over zealous. Like general resolutions, you should make your goals obtainable. Here are a few examples of straightforward resolutions that can go a long way:
* Shave your legs (if it makes you feel sexy!)
* Throw out “granny panties” and replace with new, sexy, undergarments
* Read a sex book
* Flirt more
* Buy a new sex toy
* Initiate sex once a week with your partner
* Try a new position
* Send a dirty text to your partner once a month
* Reveal a sexual fantasy to a partner
* Make a list of 5 things that turn you on
* Watch porn at least twice
* Have sex outside of the bedroom
* Read erotica
* Reserve “me” time to get in touch with your body
This list could go on forever and is really a personal choice for each individual as each lady has her own preferences. But don’t forget, just because these resolutions are more private doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still be held accountable. Here are a few suggestions to ensure that follow through with your resolution:
* Write it down (where only you will see) or develop a code and mark it on your calendar
* Put a sticky-note reminder on your bathroom mirror
* Tell your partner
* Share with your best girl friend—swap resolutions and check in every week!

Good luck and happy New Year!

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  1. Soooo I guess I should shave my legs? Ugh! These are all good tips. Honestly. Except the shaving the legs part.

  2. Can I request a "how to incorporate kinks into a vanilla sex life" post?


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