going {mostly} vegan

I wrote about new year's resolutions last year. For the first time in years, I didn't really do a great job of keeping them. I was doing really well but adjusting to my new job schedule threw me. But now that I am getting the hang of it, I think keeping a resolution for 2012 will be easy.

I am starting out by going (mostly) vegan for the month of January. I decided not to make this resolution for the entire year so I can see how I do and what challenges I faced during the first month and then make changes needed for the next month.

I came to this decision for a few reasons. First, since March, I have gained ten pounds. On a five foot four frame, that is a lot of weight. I also have been feeling incredibly sluggish and have been passing out and almost passing out more and more. The doctors are not really sure what it is yet but if it is from the weight gain or my more recent awful diet, I need to make a change.

A few weeks ago, we had "eat week" at work. Monday was breakfast day, Tuesday was dip day, Wednesday was dessert day, Thursday was lunch day and Friday was leftover day. By the end of the week, I thought I was going to go into a coma. I showed no restraint and ate to my heart's delight, stuffing myself with creamy, greasy dishes. And my body rebelled with a three pound weight gain and the inability to keep my eyes open. My body just can't take that amount or type of food anymore.

But a resolution works best when you make it measurable - "mostly" isn't an exact measurement. So, for the next month, I am giving up meat and dairy, however, for two days a week (or six meals a week) I can eat meat or dairy. I thought this would be a good transition instead of going cold turkey (no pun intended.) This also helps with those times eating out with friends or having dinner at another person's house but I will still strive not to use up all of those six meals.

I don't think giving up meat will be that difficult. The only reason I really consume meat is because of the Hubs. (I am that person that orders the vegetarian meal at Ruth Chris.) I think it will be more difficult to give up seafood and dairy since I LOVE both.

One book that I checked out of the library that has really motivated me is The Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnen. All the recipes in it are vegan but look awesome! I don't think I would notice that they are missing dairy or meat.

In addition to the vegan challenge, I am trying to curb my sugar fixation. With the holidays, the amount of sugar I have been consuming has been out of control. I need to learn to walk past the cookies at work.

I will keep you updated on my (mostly) vegan journey. Let me know if anyone would like to tackle this challenge with me.

Is there any advice you have for me? Are there any blogs or websites that would be helpful? Anything that you want me to keep track off for you while I do this?

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  1. i certainly could never give up dairy or meat, but i have definitely considered giving up simple white sugars. frankly, even just being really "snobby" about what i eat would work: is that store-bought cookie really worth the calories? definitely not. i totally agree, though, that establishing very stringent ultimatums is a recipe for failure.


  2. good for you ! we eat meat, but very rarely, and we only buy small, high-quality cuts. i find that if i focus on eating mostly whole and slow foods (rather than trying to stick with a label like 'vegan' or 'macrobiotic') i do better. products that are advertised at 'vegan' often have just as much processed fats, sugars, and carbs as their meaty counterparts. but, duh, that's a no-brainer.

    it's tough this time of year with the fresh markets being (mostly) closed, but if you stick with seasonal veggies -- greens, squash, roots, and tubers -- you'll be off to a good start. let me know if you want any recipes ! this is my favorite time of year to cook.

  3. I've been vegan since 2008 and it's a lot easier than people think it is. I would recommend to just have fun with it! There are so many wonderful new things to try. Here are a few of my favorite vegan blogs with great recipes to help you out :)


    Good luck Morgan and happy new year! :)

  4. Good for you! I definitely considered this but would never get my husband to go along with it so we're trying to eat in more, eat vegetarian at least once a week and try not to waste food. Let us know if you find any awesome recipes that a non-vegan might love!


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