francophile friday: a one bedroom in montmartre

Today, I am dreaming about being a whisked away to a little rental in Montmartre. This apartment is perfect for a bit of French coziness, great rooftop views, and bustling neighborhood to take a stroll in.

If money and time were no object, where would you go away to this weekend?

{images and rental information here}


  1. I usually vacation to foreign cities, but with today's rain I think I would like to go to a warm, sunny beach somewhere.

    I love the balcony and view of that apartment!

  2. i could really use a tropical, beach, no television get away.... petit st vincent probably.

    though, i would never pass up an apartment in montmartre!


  3. That looks so inviting and cozy! I am really tired this week so a nice weekend by a fire somewhere with a book would be nice like Aspen or Vermont


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