weekend: christmastime in williamsburg

the capitol in colonial williamsburg . . . my husband, the patriot . . . one of my favorite wreaths . . . a colonial kitchen garden . . . learning how they made textiles

colonial williamsburg at night . . . the fireplace in the drinks room while we waited for our table . . . a picture for my British grandmother

tea at the spoon café . . . the Hubs waiting for our lunch . . . a kitty at the winery . . . beautiful architecture . . . a wine tour and tasting . . . inside and outside the governor's palace . . . trees and snow at the yankee candle flagship store . . . a seagull found on our way home on the bay bridge tunnel
a little inspiration for the coming week:

i love corndogs

this is cute and hilarious at the same time

i know i said it once but i will say it again: i want to have a tea party!

a super cute gift idea

my friend, Alissa, is in this video (and what a great idea)

help girls in impoverished areas get the things they need for "that time of the month" by liking this facebook page (and learn more about it here)
My weekend started on Wednesday night after work. The Hubs and I drove four hours to the Marriott Manor Club at Ford's Colony in Williamsburg, Virginia. Our room was very nice and I highly recommend it if you are going to visit the area. It is about a ten minute drive to Colonial Williamsburg.

On Thursday, we got up and had breakfast at Aroma's. Then we headed off to the Visitors Center to redeem the tickets that my grandparents had gotten for us last Christmas. After that, we headed to Colonial Williamsburg. We decided to start with a tour of the Capitol and then we walked around and went in a few of the shops. After that, we had lunch at The Cheese Shop. Then we decided we were sleepy and that it was time to go back for a nap. We left for dinner at the Fat Canary early so that we could walk around Market Square while it was all lit up. A lot of shops were giving out candy or cider or chili for free but we tried not to spoil our dinner.

On Friday, we went to leave for breakfast, ready for a day of wine tastings and massages, and noticed we had a very flat tire. The Hubs immediately called OnStar and, let me tell you, their service was AWESOME! The guy was there within 40 minutes and OnStar kept calling to check on us. Unfortunately, the guy could not get our spare loose but he pumped us with enough air to allow us to drive to GoodYear. They told us it would only be an hour - we sat there for FOUR HOURS. I was peeved. I didn't care that it took that long but we could have called a taxi and spent our precious vacation time at the winery we were planning to go to. I called and canceled my afternoon massage and we decided to move our plans around and went for a late lunch at Blue Talon Bistro. Then we went back and I took the Hub's massage time. After that, we went down to Colonial Williamsburg a little early before our dinner at Shield's Tavern to have drinks.

On Saturday, we got up and had breakfast at The Spoon Cafe and headed back to the resort so the Hubs could get a massage. After that, we headed to Williamsburg Winery for lunch at Gabriel Archer Tavern and for a tour and wine tasting. After that, we headed down to Colonial Williamsburg to tour the Palace and then to go into a few shops I wanted to see. My favorites were Ocean Palm, a Lilly Pulitzer store, and Closet Envy, which carried brands like DVF, Nanette Lepore and Longchamp. After that, we went to for a drink and dinner at Food for Thought. My grandmother had mailed me some coupons she had for the Yankee Candle Flagship store so we decided to stop by there after dinner. That place is ridiculous. It has way more than candles. In the middle of it they had an area with a Christmas tree, Santa, and snow. The Hubs was fascinated by the wax hands you could make.

Today, we got up early and headed back, stopping on the middle of the bay bridge tunnel for a break and some picture taking. It was nice to be able to be home and get grocery shopping and laundry finished.

Also, you may have noticed something a little out of character for me - there are no food pictures! I thought I would do a little review of the where we ate later this week, in case anyone else is planning a trip. Food porn to come!

How was your weekend?


  1. sounds absolutely lovely! adore the photographs, especially the yarn spinning, textile one, such vivid movement.

    so glad you two had a good time.


  2. wow looks like you had a great time!

  3. How fun! Cute pictures, and I love the cat :)

    Happy Monday! Oh, and I love your blog buttons - yellow and gray are my favorite colors together!

  4. Great pictures-looks like you had a great time!




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