my christmas wish list

I used to love making up Christmas lists when I was little. I would cut out toys and such from the Christmas catalogues we received. This blog gives me the opportunity to do almost the same thing.

1. I want some fun boot socks for all of my boots. I live in boots in the winter and all my socks are really boring (think plain navy, black, brown.) I really love these from Ralph Lauren.
2. My friend, Joanna, has one of the these fleece lined flannel shirts for the winter. I really want the one in navy to snuggle up in on cozy winter weekends.
3. You have seen the gold watch I wanted here but I kept dragging my feet to buy it since I couldn't decide between silver and gold. Enter a silver AND gold watch from Michael Kors.
4. Like I said, I live in boots in the winter and I really need a pair of simple flat black boots with a zipper. I just can't decide whether I like these or these. Which ones do you like best?
5. I really want a pair of rollerblades to have a fun way to exercise at home. (I really dislike running.) I just wish I could find a pair that isn't pink. Anyone know anything about buying rollerblades?
6. I really don't buy jewelry for myself. In college, I relied on my roommate's and friend's collections to finish off an outfit. I am so obsessed with this girl's style and the other day something clicked - I need to invest in a few cool pieces so my outfits look more polished. I really love these necklaces here, here, and here. And love these bracelets: in grey, in gold and rose, in all colors, for a statement, and for a charm.
7. I am very much a neutrals girl and I like simple classic patterns. But lately, I have been wanting to have a little fun with my wardrobe and step out of my style box. I am in need of colorful and fun patterned blouses that I could wear to work but can also transition to drinks with friends. I am loving this and this, right now.
8. I WANT A PAIR OF HUNTER BOOTS . . . in dark olive, please.

What item is your favorite? What is on your wish list?


  1. The necklace tree! Don't you miss it? MOVE TO DC PLEASE!

  2. Great picks Morgan! I want a pair of Hunter Boots to help me get around on my New Hip this winter!

    Please Come and enter the 1st of Twelve Days of Holiday giveaways from Dovecote Decor! It is stunning!

    Art by Karena

  3. I am dying for a pair of Hunters as well. Great color choice; you're making me re-think my navy preference.

  4. cute sweater



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