monday giveaway: williams honey farm

Today's giveaway is from Williams Honey Farm, an Etsy shop that sells lip balms and honey from bees that they rescue. You can find out more about their farm and philosophy here. You can feel good about using their all-natural products.

Jay, one of the shop owners, says, "We find beehives that are in imminent danger of being killed. Exterminators, scared homeowners, tree trimmers etc all want the bees gone immediately... We rush in and rescue as much of the hive as possible and give them a new, safe home on a quiet stretch of farmland. We then melt, strain and filter their left behind beeswax from their original hive. From there we add simple organic ingredients to finish it off. The bees get a second chance on life and you get a clean product with a taste you can feel good about."

Jay is giving away a three pack of their all-natural lip rescue. They use organic shea butter, organic almond oil, 100% pure wild beeswax, and essential oils to make each lip balm. The balms come in flavors like Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Summer Honey. I think I would want to try one of each.

This is my first time using Rafflecopter for a giveaway so let me know what you guys think! You can use your Facebook login or just your name and email.

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