francophile friday: france email #7

This is a continuation of my lost emails that I sent to my family and friends while living in France in 2007 as a student. You can read more about it here. This email was sent right after I got back from Paris.

Bonjour Everyone!

So the strikes finally stopped last week and classes resumed. Of course this was just in time for Rich to get here last Sunday. Last week I took Rich around Bordeaux. We got a private tour of the Grand Theatre thanks to a friend of mine here. I had to attempt to translate for Rich. Translating is a lot harder than understanding I found considering I understood everything and translated almost nothing. I don’t think I would ever want to do it as a job. We walked down Rue de St Catherine which is the largest pedestrian road in Europe and climbed the Tour Pey-Berland to get a beautiful view of Bordeaux. Then we left for Paris on Thursday.

It was raining when we arrived in Paris. When we finally found our hotel (it was not really where it said it was) we dragged our luggage up four flights of stairs. Rich had brought an extra bag for me to pack so he could take the things I didn’t need anymore back to America. That night we found a Lebanese place and had really good hummus and kebab sandwiches. Then we went to Le Pralin, a bakery right next to our hotel, and got real French macarons and a little cake thing.

Friday, after our breakfast at Le Pralin, we went to the Musee d’Orsay. This is probably my most favorite art museum I have visited since I have been here. It had a lot of impressionist paintings which I like. After that we went to the Eiffel Tower but decided we would climb it later at night (bad idea – explained later). After that we saw the Arc de Triomphe and walked the Champs Elysees which is when it started to rain again. This did not stop us from visiting Louis Vuitton, Chanel, et al. Later that night we met Nezia at the Louvre (she was staying with her uncle in Paris). After that I had an amazing kebab sandwich from a Turk place we found on the way home. He really knew the right amount of tzaziki sauce to put on (and by 10 pm I was starving).

Saturday, we went to Le Pralin for breakfast again (this is when the lady said “get something for my new American friends”) where Rich discovered a very good vienoisserie. After that we took the RER to Versailles. Apparently they didn’t know we were coming because there was construction being done on the building which did not make for very good pictures. But we got to see the Hall of Mirrors which is all I really cared about. After that we came back and saw Notre Dame in the rain. Later that night we trekked out into the rain and went to Nezia’s uncle’s house for dinner and watched part of the Miss France pageant.

Sunday, we went to Le Pralin and then skipped the Seine River cruise because it was freezing and we were afraid of getting stuck in the rain on a boat. Instead we went to Sacre Coeur and saw the Moulin Rouge. After that we decided to walk the Champs Elyees again. Later that evening we decided to go out into what seemed to be a hurricane to climb the Eiffel Tower. Well Eiffel decided to close the top of his tower due to strong winds so we were only allowed to go to the second level. This was still a good view of Paris though. When we got up there we soon understood why they closed the top. On the one side you just got soaked from the rain but if you walked to the other side you seriously could have been blown of the tower. I started to walk over there but stopped for fear of being swept away. We decided since we could not go to the top that we should make up for it by going to the swanky Eiffel Tower restaurant but we soon found out that you needed to reserve ahead of time. So we decided to go back and eat some place close to the hotel. We found a wonderful Greek place and had (yes you guessed it) kebabs. After that, we went to Le Pralin because the snooty French restaurant wouldn’t let me get just crème brulee. So Rich and I compensated by getting two “mini” chocolate mousse cakes and a huge slice of an apple tart. (And yes we ate the entire thing.)

Monday, the shuttle came (in the rain of course) and picked us up from the hotel and took Rich to the airport and then I made my way to the train station. Sadly, for some reason Le Pralin was closed.

I have less than two weeks until I am back in America so be on the lookout for a last email.


Have you ever been to Paris?

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  1. I lived in Paris - studied abroad there when I was a junior in college. I absolutely love Paris. I'd move back in 2 seconds if I could! :)


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